Website Maintenance/Security Plans at Tech Web

Update ✅ Monitor Backups & Restore

Once your website is live

It is important to keep it safe from attacks, malware and hacks, that can take your website down, which would effect your ranking on Google.

Therefore it is important to have your website updated at all teams, also to be equipped with tools to run effectively and recover quickly in case of a unexpected event.

Seebu Solutions - Website maintenance plan

What we offer:

Website Update & Optimization

We aim to website to run smoothly by keeping it updated, maintained and cleaned.


  • WordPress, theme monitored and Updated
  • Site optimized weekly
  • plugins monitored and updated

Website Monitoring & Protection

Your website is monitored and protected against spam, malware and other internet forces.


  • Daily Scanning
  • Website protection
  • Hacks & Spam protection

Website Backup & Restore

We apply the back up of the website weekly and can be restored at any time.


  • Weekly backups
  • Multiple backup locations
  • Restore points

Starting At

$99 / month

$169 / month for a website that we dint developed with a minimum $399 setup fee.

YES 🙂 price break available for multiple sites

Minimum fee is waved off when we build the website

No contracts

No termination fees